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Meet Khaled Our Tournament Guru

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Hello I am Khaled Mowafy. I work for GoGamers as their tournament guru. Growing up I always thought of ways to make a living out of gaming and it always seemed impossible that I almost gave up on it, I always felt it was a waste to just throw all those hours of gaming and knowledge in the trash and start learning something new to build a career. I found GoGamers and it was the perfect solution for me. If you’re a gamer who is looking to build a professional career out of gaming, GoGamers OFFERS the missing link by providing a platform not only for gamers to play but for gamers to use their knowledge.

Why GoGamers

Connect and build communities

Connect and build communities

Go Gamers Tech provides a state-of-the-art technology that becomes the foundation for creating, building, and managing your community of gamers.

Competitive and social experiences

Whether eSports, RPG, Tetris or chess is your game we encourage community engagement and provide a space for healthy experiences. You can do this!

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Your future in gaming will start with GoGamers!

Become a  tournament organizer and earn money through freelancing or employment opportunities in the gaming world. 

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