Why Should Education Institutions Adopt eSports Platforms?

December 30, 2021

eSports platforms are becoming more and more popular in the higher education field, thanks to the plethora of benefits and advantages brought by them to the students, instructors and the field as a whole. For the past decade, as the sports and entertainment business has undergone a parabolic ascent, universities and schools should adopt and incorporate eSports platforms within their operations, as it is a mechanism used to encourage students to learn, advance, and seek chances in this fast-paced business. 

In other words, this industry has seen a booming level of interest, as venture capitalists and private equity firms have increased their incentive to invest in this industry significantly. According to Deloitte, the number of eSports investments doubled in 2018, and this is mirrored in the overall amount of money invested as well: investments increased by 837% year over year in 2018, to $4.5 billion from $490 million the year before. These funds are allocated to players across the ecosystem, allowing it to function and grow—from eSports organizations, event organizers and digital broadcasters. 

Let’s discuss below the key benefits and short and long-term advantages of adopting eSports platforms that schools or universities can unlock with GoGamers Tech, the eSports platform!  

Firstly, eSports platforms in institutions are characterized by a high level of positive influence on students’ success, and it fosters a greater level of belonging to a more inclusive and diverse community. By introducing eSports as an extracurricular activity, institutions can approach students who aren’t usually connected to the community, thus lowering isolation levels among them. 

By that, students’ engagement rate in class becomes higher, graduation becomes a more attainable target, and higher education aspirations become more realistic. They also enjoy similar advantages to those in traditional sports. Communication, a sense of teamwork, social growth, critical thinking, leadership, self-esteem and time management are all valuable skills and benefits of eSports.

Institutions can improve their inclusion practices in a variety of ways, including making inclusivity commitments, designing and locating eSports spaces, and more. Students’ physical and emotional health are protected by sentiments of acceptability earned from participation in school activities such as eSports. Strong social ties, for example, improve their physical and mental health.  

Secondly, students acquire a variety of valuable skills and competencies by playing eSports in school or at the university. It should go without saying that eSports teams teach vital skills. Beyond the classroom, it provides an arena for imparting vital concepts and lifetime skills and abilities, to include: 

  • Social skills: Interpersonal interactions are built on the foundation of social skills, and they’re also necessary for collaborating effectively with teammates and coaches. Social skills include things like keeping eye contact, knowing how to communicate and deliver ideas, and utilizing acceptable body language. Participating in an institution’s eSports team allows students to develop and practice these abilities in a safe atmosphere. 
  • Dealing with success and failure: eSports for teams teaches the serious lesson that life isn’t always fair, as you won’t always come out on top, no matter how well you plan. Students who learn to manage their emotions when they lose – and triumph – become more adaptable and ready for what life hides.  
  • Thinking and planning strategically: With eSports, students must create goals, evaluate the competition, and consider their particular skills and drawbacks when participating in a team. By that, students learn to build strategies, put together defensive schemes, alter execution as needed as members of a team, and acquire the ability to think strategically and swiftly. 
  • Pro-social values: Coaches can impart positive values in their players through the eSports team. Good sportsmanship, integrity, and politeness are examples of principles and norms of behavior. Endurance, sincerity, amusement, and good competition are all important qualities. These ideals can help students succeed in their real life. 

Last but not least, eSports encourage STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning among students, as eSports and STEM are strongly intertwined. Students that are drawn to gaming are frequently drawn to the broader technological ecosystem as well. eSports platforms allow participants to connect with one another and build structured play communities. In the classroom, it prepares students for wanted professions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  In addition, students can win college scholarships by competing in eSports, which, respectively, can lead to degrees or certificates in a variety of fields.  Consequently, eSports as an extracurricular activity are a fantastic approach for schools and universities to inspire students to pursue lucrative STEM-related careers, as it ignites their interests, for them to get on the right track early and start building their successful career.  

In conclusion, according to Newzoo estimates, the gamers’ market data website, published by Statista, money pours into eSports through in-game purchases, live event ticket sales and item sales, but sponsorships and advertising account for the majority of revenue (69%). Mobile will almost certainly power the future of the eSports business, thus, lowering entrance barriers and allowing even more gamers and fans to enter. 

Invest in the future of your students right away, and explore now what GoGamers Tech, the renowned eSports platform has in store for you and for the long-term perennity of your higher education business!  

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