Your eSports Corporate Solution

With more than 2 billion gamers worldwide and 20 million concurrent streamers, now is the time for engagement – building and monetizing your brand through our eSports Corporate Solution. Fan interaction, recruitment and sponsors at our finger tips.

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Gamers worldwide

Industry forecast by 2025

Stream users after Covid19

Best Online Gaming
Platform 2020 – Middle East

“Showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, the GoGamers Tech team’s next mission is to take the business global. ” by MEA MARKETS / 2020 UAE Business Awards

Organize your own eSports tournaments

Grow your brand advocacy
and community

Increase your
revenue streams

and diversify your company’s portfolio by hosting public tournaments and reaching the highest number of gamers possible using our eSports Corporate Solution. Community building creates a strong brand story, hence brand loyalists that will buy all your products.

Additional Revenue

Return on Investment

Decrease in Overheads

Save your events costs

Our eSports Corporate Solution enables you to leverage the platform to its utmost capabilities and induce brand placement into your tournaments to mitigate the costs associated with your events.

Turn your tournaments into a platform for affiliated brands and have them contribute towards your growth.

Make your employees your own brand’s champions

Gain a competitive edge in your industry

Be one of the pioneers in your industry and position your brand as a thought leader while embracing one of the most booming technologies in the world today.

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