Increase your student bonds and engagement

Empower your school by promoting a culture of positivity among your students. Build your eSports School Program to tap into the fastest growing industry and to embrace your Students’ passion.

Promote a culture
of inclusivity & diversity

Diversity with eSports - GoGamers Tech

“Unlike traditional sports, eSports can give young women, like me, the chance to compete on equal footing. Competition of skills based on something other than physical attributes will embolden girls in the new industry and promote equal pay in the future.”

Allison Scronce, Age 17

High School Student

Reduce academic pressure & stress

eSports Programs have become natural and the best way to get your Students involved in STEM fields. Henceforth reduce pressure and stress.

Provide your Students with a safe space where they can express themselves and realize their potential while doing what they love.

Prepare your Students for a better future while using their passion for the growing eSports industry!

Schedule your branded tournaments with GoGamers Tech

Embrace a modern platform that talks to your Students

Whether you are a university eSports Team
or a Noobie we will assist you from A to Z!

Schools hosting online eSports tournaments

Gain competitive
edge with eSports

Create your own eSports Program

Develop your own eSports Program with GoGamers Tech. Customize your platform, and set yourself apart beyond academics. We provide you with the tools needed to break through.

Build your Future Winners

Create your Inter and Intra School eSports Tournaments. Provide your students with an opportunity to show their talents, feel the sense of belonging, and achieve great things!

Guide your Students to Success

Support your Students’ careers development with an interactive learning environment. Introducing graphic design and animation, audio engineering, marketing, and software development through eSports.

Modernize & improve
your learning environment

Technology is key to improve your Learning Environment and bring you closer to your Students. All while engaging them, motivating them to share ideas as well as teaching them new skills. Therefore, providing them with new opportunities to increase their chances of obtaining university scholarships.














70% of Students already consider themselves as gamers, so use their passion for eSports to accomplish your goals!