Telecom X eSports

In the telecommunications industry, video gaming forms an interesting opportunity full of potential for telecom operators. Due to the sheer magnitude of this opportunity, telecom operators must now catch it up, amid dwindling revenue streams of telecom providers, and saturation in their marketplaces.

How you can benefit from


Accessing a Wider
Customer Base

Thanks to GoGamers Tech, you will have the opportunity to access a wider customer base, spanning over the globe, as you will be able to interact with gamers from wherever they are located. As a Telecom provider, you will be able to offer them customized products and services tailored to their entertainment needs, build a community of successful gamers, all while enhancing and stretching your brand presence and attaining more customers ready to compete and conquer.

Benefiting From a Higher ARPU (Average Revenue per unit)

If GoGamers Tech is incorporated within your telecom facility in a good way, it would be highly beneficial for telecom operators. In other terms, this mechanism could result in boosting the ARPU, driven by devoted and focused consumer gaming products and services, usually centered on the quality of the service provided. The total video gaming ecosystem would spur data usage, which is the key area of development and flourishment for operators.

Strengthening Brand Advocacy & Marketing Efforts

There are substantial benefits for telecom operators who position themselves in the video game industry, with the assistance of GoGamers Tech. GoGamers Tech promotes brand positioning, advocacy and strengthens your marketing efforts. Customers’ perceptions of your company would change if it gets linked to video gaming. These impressions could shift from seeing the company as a provider of necessary but unappealing digital services to seeing it as an exciting and enticing gaming experience provider.

Building & Sustaining Customer Loyalty

As the number of customers who use gaming services grows, more behavioral data should be collected in order to launch successfully tailored products and services into the market. By implementing GoGamers Tech, operators would gain a better understanding of their clients, as they will be able to better target their products and, consequently, offer a greater consumer experience. This also entails operators capturing additional value from existing client connections.

Gain a competitive edge in your industry

Be one of the pioneers in your industry and position your brand as a thought leader while embracing one of the most booming technologies in the world today.

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